Dexter.S07.E10 - The Dark... Whatever

Dexter.S01.E01 - Dexter

Dexter.S01.E02 - Crocodile

Dexter.S01.E03 - Popping Cherry

Dexter.S01.E04 - Let"s Give the Boy a Hand

Dexter.S01.E05 - Love American Style

Dexter.S01.E06 - Return to Sender

Dexter.S01.E07 - Circle of Friends

Dexter.S01.E08 - Shrink Wrap

Dexter.S01.E09 - Father Knows Best

Dexter.S01.E10 - Seeing Red

Dexter.S01.E11 - Truth Be Told

Dexter.S01.E12 - Born Free

Dexter.S02.E01 - It"s Alive!

Dexter.S02.E02 - Waiting to Exhale

Dexter.S02.E03 - An Inconvenient Lie

Dexter.S02.E04 - See-Through

Dexter.S02.E05 - The Dark Defender

Dexter.S02.E06 - Dex, Lies, and Videotape

Dexter.S02.E07 - That Night, a Forest Grew

Dexter.S02.E08 - Morning Comes

Dexter.S02.E09 - Resistance Is Futile

Dexter.S02.E10 - There"s Something About Harry

Dexter.S02.E11 - Left Turn Ahead

Dexter.S02.E12 - The British Invasion

Dexter.S03.E01 - Our Father

Dexter.S03.E02 - Finding Freebo

Dexter.S03.E03 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Dexter.S03.E04 - All in the Family

Dexter.S03.E05 - Turning Biminese

Dexter.S03.E07 - Easy as Pie

Dexter.S03.E08 - The Damage a Man Can Do

Dexter.S03.E09 - About Last Night

Dexter.S03.E10 - Go Your Own Way

Dexter.S03.E11 - I Had a Dream

Dexter.S03.E12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan

Dexter.S04.E01 - Living the Dream

Dexter.S04.E02 - Remains to Be Seen

Dexter.S04.E03 - Blinded by the Light

Dexter.S04.E04 - Dex Takes a Holiday

Dexter.S04.E05 - Dirty Harry

Dexter.S04.E06 - If I Had a Hammer

Dexter.S04.E07 - Slack Tide

Dexter.S04.E08 - Road Kill

Dexter.S04.E09 - Hungry Man

Dexter.S04.E10 - Lost Boys

Dexter.S04.E11 - Hello, Dexter Morgan

Dexter.S04.E12 - The Getaway

Dexter.S05.E01 - My Bad

Dexter.S05.E02 - Hello, Bandit

Dexter.S05.E03 - Practically Perfect

Dexter.S05.E04 - Beauty and the Beast

Dexter.S05.E05 - First Blood

Dexter.S05.E06 - Everything is Illumenated

Dexter.S05.E07 - Circle Us

Dexter.S05.E08 - Take It!

Dexter.S05.E09 - Teenage Wasteland

Dexter.S05.E10 - In the Beginning

Dexter.S05.E11 - Hop a Freighter

Dexter.S05.E12 - The Big One

Dexter.S06.E01 - Those Kinds of Things

Dexter.S06.E02 - Once Upon a Time...

Dexter.S06.E03 - Smokey and the Bandit

Dexter.S06.E04 - A Horse of a Different Color

Dexter.S06.E05 - The Angel of Death

Dexter.S06.E06 - Just Let Go

Dexter.S06.E07 - Nebraska

Dexter.S06.E08 - Sin of Omission

Dexter.S06.E09 - Get Gellar

Dexter.S06.E10 - Ricochet Rabbit

Dexter.S06.E11 - Talk to the Hand

Dexter.S06.E12 - This is the Way the World Ends

Dexter.S07.E01 - Are You...

Dexter.S07.E02 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Dexter.S07.E03 - Buck the System

Dexter.S07.E04 - Run

Dexter.S07.E05 - Swim Deep

Dexter.S07.E06 - Do the Wrong Thing

Dexter.S07.E07 - Chemistry

Dexter.S07.E08 - Argentina

Dexter.S07.E09 - Helter Skelter

Dexter.S07.E10 - The Dark... Whatever

Dexter.S07.E11 - Do You See What I See

Dexter.S07.E12 - Surprise, Motherfucker!

Dexter.S08.E01 - A Beautiful Day

Dexter.S08.E02 - Every Silver Lining...

Dexter.S08.E03 - What"s Eating Dexter Morgan

Dexter.S08.E04 - Scar Tissue

Dexter.S08.E05 - This Little Piggy

Dexter.S08.E06 - A Little Reflection

Dexter.S08.E07 - Dress Code

Dexter.S08.E08 - Are We There Yet

Dexter.S08.E09 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Dexter.S08.E10 - Goodbye Miami

Dexter.S08.E11 - Monkey in a Box

Dexter.S08.E12 - Remember the Monsters

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